Floribunda - Pre-recorded

Now Offered as an Pre-recorded Online Course - Once registered, students have access to the films for as long as you need. This is a pre-recorded version of the live online course that I did in May. It is created as a 4 day course and each days recording is approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes long. It provides demonstrations and explanations of the processes and exercises that I offer. These are designed to help artists tackle the subject in a way that is expressive, personal and more intuitive. It also suggests ways to navigate the creative process and the journey that a body of work takes . The joy of being able to offer these recorded sessions is that you can work in your own studio space and at your own speed. You can watch them several times over and at a pace to suit your daily timetable. You can take much longer than four days if you need to. Once you have completed the course and made work, which does not have to be finished, you can send me images. I will enjoy looking at them and give you emailed feedback about what you have done and advice about how you might go forward..

Start Date 24-Jun-2020
End Date 31-Dec-2025
Price £120.00
Course Details floribunda_online_pre_recorded.pdf
Painting the Colour Theatre - Pre-recorded

Colourful experiments in observation and abstraction

Pre-recorded CourseOnce registered, students have access to the films for as long as you need 

A three-day playful and experimental workshop in which you will make a minimum of 10 optically dynamic abstract paintings in response to a pair of evolving, highly coloured still lives constructed in modified and painted cardboard boxes. The paintings will be visually informed by the Colour Theatre still lives but not be slavish copies. Seeking instead a painterly visual equivalence for the three dimensional richness of the Theaters. The Paintings and the Theatres will be changed in response to each other.

Start Date 02-Nov-2020
End Date 31-Dec-2025
Price £130.00
Course Details the_colour_theatre_online.pdf
Colour on Colour - Light and Expression - Pre-recorded

Online Course  Once registered, students have access to the films for as long as you need.

This 3 day course is all about becoming more knowledgeable and confident when mixing and using colour in your paintings. For the purposes of this workshop Emily demonstrates with a range of good quality acrylics and mediums on paper, but all of the principles are relevant for oils too. We will be working with a selection of 3 or 4 of each of the primary colours, plus white. With these we will mix an infinite range of colours.

Start Date 02-Nov-2020 10:00 am
End Date 31-Dec-2025 12:00 pm
Price £130.00
Course Details colour_on_colour_online_pre_2020.pdf
Constructing a Landscape Painting - Pre-recorded

A Pre-recorded Course . Once registered, students have access to the films for as long as you need.

A 3 day course during which you will ‘construct’ three large (A1+) paintings( on a choice of supports- stretched canvas, MDF or ply board, or Heavy duty paper), using visual material gathered from a variety of sources. You will be asked to choose an outside space as your subject matter or resource, such as your garden, a local park or nearby wood. This visual material will include the making of quick drawings and paintings on paper, recording interesting forms, light and shadows, and the collecting of any objects and artefacts that would present interesting shapes and forms to work from. This accumulated visual matter will then be used as the starting materials and basis with which to embark on the three larger paintings, which will be made by employing a whole variety of methods, including- collage, experimental mark making, glazing, and paint transfer methods.

Start Date 18-Nov-2020 10:00 am
End Date 31-Dec-2025 12:00 pm
Price £130.00
Course Details joe_packer_constructing_a_landscape.pdf
John Skinner - A philosophy to paint by

A selection of 8 short films for inspiration (To use in the same way that you would dip into an art book).

John Skinner has been a visiting tutor at the Seawhite Studio for the past 15 years. Twice a year he teaches a Master Class to artists who are serious in their search to find ways to move their work forward and become more poetic. He always generously shares his experience, thoughts and feelings about painting. We have 8 short films made by John available here for you to purchase. In these films John explains his philosophy about the process of making paintings and where his inspiration comes from. Some of these are selected recordings of past talks given by John during the Master Classes, some are poetic films that he has made in France exploring the subjects that fascinate him.

Start Date 09-Dec-2020 10:00 am
End Date 31-Dec-2025 12:00 pm
Price £25.00
Course Details john_skinner_philosophy.pdf
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