John Skinner - A philosophy to paint by

John Skinner - A philosophy to paint by

A selection of 8 short films for inspiration (To use in the same way that you would dip into an art book). Once registered, students have access to the films for as long as you need.

John Skinner has been a visiting tutor at the Seawhite Studio for the past 15 years. Twice a year he teaches a Master Class to artists who are serious in their search to find ways to move their work forward and become more poetic. He always generously shares his experience, thoughts and feelings about painting. We have 8 short films made by John available here for you to purchase. In these films John explains his philosophy about the process of making paintings and where his inspiration comes from. Some of these are selected recordings of past talks given by John during the Master Classes, some are poetic films that he has made in France exploring the subjects that fascinate him.

John has an uncompromising passion for painting. He has researched and put into practise his theories about painting throughout his career; both in his own work but also in his teaching. Having access to these to view is so helpful to remind ourselves, when we feel stuck or despondant, about what it is all about. There is so much content in all that he says. It is really valuable to be able to listen and watch again. It allows more time and space to fully grasp and apply what he offers as a way forward. Unconventional in his approach and passionate about celebrating the ‘Joie de Vivre’ of painting he sees the role of painting as vital in order to give form to our experiences of living.

Why you might find these films valuable and inspiring:

  • If you have attended any of his Master Classes over the years and found his talks energising and inspiring then this will bring back many of the wise words that he has said during the classes.
  • If you are stuck with your work and want to consider the value of being a painter and its significance in the wider context.
  • If you are interested in seeing and hearing how an artist develops themes and variations that sustain a life time of work.
  • If you want inspiration and courage to make powerful and beautiful paintings.

Visit John’s website to see his paintings.


"Listening to John was wonderful. So passionate yet not overdone. It was very important to see his paintings, because that makes sense of what he's trying to convey in words."

Devra Wiseman


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Start Date 09-Dec-2020 10:00 am
End Date 31-Dec-2025 12:00 pm
Price £25.00
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