These week long residencies are dedicated time and a generous space to commit to making your work. This might be a space where you choose to work large and experimentally. It might be a space to spread out and look at lots of your work together, making helpful connections so that you can develop it further. You may have just completed a taught course and want to keep the momentum going and apply all that you have learnt while it is fresh in your mind. It will be a space where you are supported and inspired by the company of other artists. We learn from each other. One of the Seawhite tutors will be working on their own paintings during the week too. Their role during the residency is to support and facilitate discussions, rather than to lead and “teach”. It is an opportunity to see how they undertake their own practise and navigate the highs and lows of the work as it progresses in real time. During the week each artist will be exploring their own themes and subject. Everyone has a large working space and use of any of the studio equipment and materials that they need. It is a physical and mental space that you can stretch into and perhaps do work that you would not dare to do by yourself, in your own studio. There are a maximum of 6 artists working alongside a Seawhite tutor.

Mon 30 Sep 2024 - Fri 04 Oct 2024
Course Dates Sept 30th - Oct 4th (Mon - Friday)...

Mon 18 Nov 2024 - Fri 22 Nov 2024
Course Dates Nov 18th - 22nd (Mon - Friday)...

Mon 09 Dec 2024 - Fri 13 Dec 2024
Course Dates Dec 9th - 13th (Mon - Friday)...
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Emily Ball at Seawhite,
2 Downs View Road,
East Sussex,
BN25 4PT
Telephone: 01903 743 537


Emily Ball at Seawhite
Seawhite Studio,
Star Road,
Partridge Green
West Sussex RH13 8RY
United Kingdom