Constructing a Landscape Painting - Pre-recorded

A Pre-recorded Course . Once registered, students have access to the films for as long as you need.

A 3 day course during which you will ‘construct’ three large (A1+) paintings( on a choice of supports- stretched canvas, MDF or ply board, or Heavy duty paper), using visual material gathered from a variety of sources. You will be asked to choose an outside space as your subject matter or resource, such as your garden, a local park or nearby wood. This visual material will include the making of quick drawings and paintings on paper, recording interesting forms, light and shadows, and the collecting of any objects and artefacts that would present interesting shapes and forms to work from. This accumulated visual matter will then be used as the starting materials and basis with which to embark on the three larger paintings, which will be made by employing a whole variety of methods, including- collage, experimental mark making, glazing, and paint transfer methods.

Start Date 18-Nov-2020 10:00 am
End Date 31-Dec-2025 12:00 pm
Price £130.00
Course Details joe_packer_constructing_a_landscape.pdf
John Skinner - A philosophy to paint by

A selection of 8 short films for inspiration (To use in the same way that you would dip into an art book).

John Skinner has been a visiting tutor at the Seawhite Studio for the past 15 years. Twice a year he teaches a Master Class to artists who are serious in their search to find ways to move their work forward and become more poetic. He always generously shares his experience, thoughts and feelings about painting. We have 8 short films made by John available here for you to purchase. In these films John explains his philosophy about the process of making paintings and where his inspiration comes from. Some of these are selected recordings of past talks given by John during the Master Classes, some are poetic films that he has made in France exploring the subjects that fascinate him.

Start Date 09-Dec-2020 10:00 am
End Date 31-Dec-2025 12:00 pm
Price £25.00
Course Details john_skinner_philosophy.pdf
Museum of Self - Keeping a Visual Diary

A pre-recorded online 5 day course

This year more than ever we have been confined to our homes, many of us turning to it as a subject matter, for its familiarity, and personal significance - whether comforting, or claustrophobic. But if you are finding drawing yet another tea pot just a little uninspiring, this 5 day course will give you a fresh way of looking at the everyday, and aims to encourage a regular practice on a small scale. All the work will be done in a sketchbook, with guided exercises and suggested self-study throughout. It can be seen as a way into a new subject, making you see your home life with new eyes, maybe inspiring more work to develop from it. Or, it might help you rediscover the joy of keeping a sketchbook as a visual diary, for no other purpose than the process itself, a record of these times. There will be 5 sessions, which you can choose to do in 5 consecutive days, or, take your time, and see how much work can come out of each online session, let the sketchbook fill up over days or even weeks.

Start Date 03-Feb-2021
End Date 31-Dec-2025
Price £160.00
Course Details museum-of-self-2021.pdf
Experiments in Watercolour - Pre-recorded

Experiments in Watercolour - Pre-recorded

Experiments in Watercolour is a three day practical course led by Simon Carter. The course aims to have a fresh look at the medium of watercolour and how it might be used in an expressive, experimental and contemporary way. The course will not be about technique, but will seek to use watercolour in a bold and painterly manner.

As we are more confined to our studios in the current situation, we will gather a group of natural objects to construct a surrogate ‘landscape'. You will need to gather together a group of natural objects prior to the course starting (further instructions below).

For each day there is approximately an hour and a half long video where Simon practically demonstrates and talks about the processes that can be used to explore your subject and build paintings. These demonstrations encourage you to be bold and experimental in your approach.

Start Date 12-Apr-2021
End Date 31-Dec-2025
Price £120.00
Course Details Experiments in Watercolour - Pre-recorded.pdf
Coming to your Senses

Coming to your Senses

A 5 day online pre-recorded sketchbook course for working freely and experimentally outdoors - on holiday, in the landscape, by the sea.

Come to your senses - and spend time being creative in the great outdoors in this 5 day prerecorded course led by Katie Sollohub, inspirational teacher, artist, and experienced yoga and meditation practitioner. This course will give you a fresh way of looking at the everyday, and aims to encourage a regular practice on a small scale. There are 17 short films ranging from approximately 10 minutes to an hour long.

Start Date 30-Apr-2021
End Date 31-Dec-2025
Price £160.00
Course Details coming_to_your_senses.pdf
A Handful of Objects - Pre-recorded

Now Offered as an Pre-recorded Online Course - Once registered, students have access to the films for as long as you need.

A Handful of Objects is designed as a three day course led by Simon Carter, looking at how you can create energetic and inventive compositions based around objects and activity in the studio. There are 3 films, plus a short introductory film, that last for an average of 1 hour. Working in your own studio you collect a group of objects together that you will start making paintings from using direct observation, seeing how inventive you can be while staying true to the familiar objects. You will then look at constructing larger pieces in a process of collaging and building, looking to find big compositions based on still life but with the lyricism and breadth of landscape.

Gather a group of favourite objects: two man-made things, two natural things, two patterned things and reproductions of two favourite paintings. For the first 2 sessions of the course it would be best to work with acrylic paint on paper, painting, collaging, glueing together, building an image. Looking to make something large, dramatic, disruptive and daring. Making paintings from this dymanic collage could be done in oils if you prefer

Start Date 15-Aug-2022
End Date 31-Dec-2025
Price £130.00
Course Details a-handful-of-objects -simon-carter- 2022.pdf
Drawing and Painting The Head – Self Portraits pre-recorded

Now Offered as an Pre-recorded Online Course - Once purchased you have unlimited access to the recordings.

Drawing and painting self-portraits, looking at yourself in the mirror, is a grounding, challenging and invigorating experience. You are in good company as many of the great painters in history made Self Portraits. You are free to invent and take risks, as there is no one to offend or judge the likeness other than yourself. It is a chance to contemplate, scrutenise and explore how to capture more than just a likeness; to convey with feeling the mood of the gaze, to enjoy the sculptural qualities of the subject and materials. During this 3 day course Emily will have a large mirror in her studio so that she can draw and paint herself, live on camera, to demonstrate and also work alongisde you. She will lead you through processes that help you become confident at manipulating the materials so that they become the subject. She will suggest ways of layering marks and shapes taken from observation to help you invent more expressive ways of making the features of the face. A fleeting glance, the tilt of the head, rubbing through, redrawing and editing provide a fertile ground, with its layered materials and moments, to offer you powerful images that hold your gaze.

By the end of the 3 days you will have lots of drawings and painted studies that will be full of good material for many paintings. You will also have begun at least two paintings. Emily will encourage you to continue these paintings after the course has finished.

Artists’ work that might inspire you: Matisse, Picasso, Chantal Joffe, Maggie Hambling, Stephen Chambers (‘The Court of Redonda’ series), , Bonnard self portraits, John Skinner, Frank Auerbach, Katie Sollohub, Francis Bacon, Dennis Creffied, David Bomberg and the Rembrant late paintings.

Start Date 30-Dec-2022
End Date 31-Dec-2025
Price £120.00
Course Details Drawing and Painting the Head - Self Portraits pre-recorded online course.pdf
Seawhite Studio Residencies - Simon Carter

Course Dates March 4th - March 8th (Mon - Friday) 2024

Start Date 04-Mar-2024 9:30 am
End Date 08-Mar-2024 4:30 pm
Price £480.00
Course Details seawhite_residency_simon_carter_2024.pdf
The Creative Painting Space -  Spring

Course Dates March 13th -  15th  (Wed - Friday) 2024

Choose which sessions in the year you would like to come. Booking ahead is essential to secure your place.

These sessions are designed for artists who need encouragement and support to become more confident and self-motivated with their painting.

Start Date 13-Mar-2024 9:30 am
End Date 15-Mar-2024 4:30 pm
Price £315.00
Reference CPS/2021/0609/TC
Floribunda - Spring  2024

Course dates: April 9th - 12th  2024 (Tuesday to Friday)

Spring is a magic time of year that moves all too fast as nature wakes up and blooms. Embrace the energy of spring with four days exploring ways of courageously handling luscious paint to create paintings that go beyond safe, traditional flower paintings. The subject is full of colour, texture and sculptural form......a gift for painting. The course will be packed with demonstrations, exercises and finished paintings to take away with you.

Start Date 09-Apr-2024 9:30 am
End Date 12-Apr-2024 4:30 pm
Price £450.00
Reference F/2021/0427/SC
Course Details floribunda_spring_2024_April.pdf
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