Coming to your Senses

Coming to your Senses

Coming to your Senses

A 5 day online pre-recorded sketchbook course for working freely and experimentally outdoors - on holiday, in the landscape, by the sea.

Once registered, students have access to the films for as long as you need.

Come to your senses - and spend time being creative in the great outdoors in this 5 day prerecorded course led by Katie Sollohub, inspirational teacher, artist, and experienced yoga and meditation practitioner. This course will give you a fresh way of looking at the everyday, and aims to encourage a regular practice on a small scale. There are 17 short films ranging from approximately 10 minutes to an hour long.

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If you’re feeling inspired to make work outdoors, as the weather warms up, and we are once again able to venture a little bit further afield, then this is the course for you. Take a sketchbook on a journey with you, open your body and mind to the sensory experience of being outside in the elements. This 5 day course will give you a fresh way of looking at the everyday, and aims to encourage a regular practice on a small scale. Get down and dirty, in touch with your materials and the landscape around you, with meditation exercises alongside. All work is sketchbook based, using mixed media, so it is portable, and suitable for all.

Expect to fill a sketchbook or 2, either over 5 days if you have the time, or, spread it out and let each recorded session lead you into days or even weeks of exploration. A perfect way to come into Spring and Summer, and if you are planning to venture further afield this would also be a brilliant travelling companion, encouraging that elusive holiday sketchbook to come home with more than one page complete! These sketchbooks are a process in their own right, or, could be seen as a way into a new subject, providing material and inspiration for developing your own work from it.


"I have to say that I found the course excellent. The exercises were stimulating and clearly explained and helped me to look at and explore the landscape in depth. It has been really absorbing and rewarding."

Elizabeth Forbes


Coming to Your Senses


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Start Date 30-Apr-2021
End Date 31-Dec-2025
Price £160.00
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