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Holding the Present - Online

Online Course Start a daily practise that becomes a personal project and a body of work

This course gives you exclusive access to a pre-recorded 20 minute film where Emily shares with you a process that is fundamental to her practise as a painter. Also part of the fee is a one hour, one to one, online tutorial to help you create and sustain a personal project that you can develop into a substantial body of work. In the film Emily does practical demonstrations and shares her thoughts and decision making as she works. She talks about the potential application of this way of working and how it can help you open out the possibilities of the subject.

Start Date 25-May-2020 10:00 am
End Date 03-Aug-2020 12:00 pm
Price £70.00
Tutor Emily Ball
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Sorry, the event is now full and we could not accept more registration

Painting the Beast

Course dates: 26 - 28 May 2020  (Tuesday - Thursday)

We are fascinated by animals and by the animal in us. And this relationship is a constant and powerful theme in art whether that be Babara Kingsolver’s exploration of her own fecundity in the Prodigal Summer, Kiki Smiths’ tactile sculptures, tapestrys, drawings and prints, Paula Rego’s ‘ dog women’ and anthropomorphised rabbits, dogs and monkeys, Picasso’s minotaurs or films such as The Levelling by Hope Dickson Leach or Bullhead by Michael R Roskam that powerfully and shockingly examine our contemporary  agricultural relationships with the animal.

On this 3 day course practical course we will work in an expressive,  gestural and tactile manner through drawing and painting on paper at a large scale from photographs and models to make images that combine the observational  with our felt experience.



Start Date 26-May-2020 9:30 am
End Date 28-May-2020 4:30 pm
Price £240.00
Reference PTB/2020/0526NB
Tutor Nick Bodimeade
Course Details Painting the Beast May 2020.pdf
Floribunda - Online Now Offered as an Online Course Floribunda is a hugely popular, four-day painting course offered by Emily Ball at Seawhite. In essence, the course is a celebration of flowers, plants and paint. The subject is full of colour, texture, pattern and sculptural form......a gift for painting. We are excited to be able to now offer this course online.
Start Date 26-May-2020 10:00 am
End Date 29-May-2020 12:00 pm
Price £125.00
Tutor Emily Ball
Course Details floribunda-online-course-details-may-26.pdf
The Dynamic Still Life

Now Offered as an Online Course The Dynamic Still Life takes the everyday objects we all have around the house and uses them as characters in the drama of painting. This is a three day online course led by Simon Carter. The course is a celebration of painting and drawing using familiar everyday objects in the setting of your house. The aim is for dynamic, fierce and energetic drawing which will lead to freedom and bold improvisations in paint.

Start Date 02-Jun-2020 10:00 am
End Date 04-Jun-2020 12:00 pm
Price £90.00
Tutor Simon Carter
Course Details The_Dynamic_Still_Life.pdf
Experiments in Watercolour - NEW

Course dates: 3 - 5 June 2020 (wednesday to Friday)

The course will explore the possibilities of watercolour, looking to give it dynamism, expression and scale. We will begin by working outdoors - on location at Sheffield Park -  seeing how watercolour can express and record the sensations of landscape. In the studio where we will deconstruct these studies and start to explore how watercolour can be used in a robust and contemporary way. By day three we will be looking at ways of making watercolours at large scale.

Start Date 03-Jun-2020 9:30 am
End Date 05-Jun-2020 4:30 pm
Price £270.00
Reference EIW/2020/0306SC
Tutor Simon Carter
Course Details Experiments in Watercolour.pdf
The Painting Group  - Term 3

Course Dates March 30th & 31st, May 11th & 12th, June 8th & 9th 2020

By registering here you are booking for all the weeks in the term.

This monthly course provides help and support for experienced painters to become confident in establishing and sustaining a good regular working practise and a flow with their work. Both Emily and Julian focus on ways of inspiring a creative energy by giving talks, creating helpful exercises, giving demonstrations and one to one tutorials. Working as a group and individually each artist is helped to put more intensity and content into the work. Artists are given strategies to prevent hesitation, being stuck or bored. Artists need to bring their own subject, studies and on going work to each session. Being part of a group of like minded artists, and attending this course regularly over the year, will help each artist produce a strong and significant body of work, build confidence, independence and trust in their own creative abilities and intuition.

Start Date 08-Jun-2020 9:30 am
End Date 09-Jun-2020 4:30 pm
Reference PG/2020/0608/TC
Tutor Emily Ball
The Creative Painting Space - Term 3

Course Dates June 10th -12th (Wednesday - Friday) 2020

Choose which sessions in the year you would like to come. Booking ahead is essential to secure your place.

These sessions are designed for artists who need encouragement and support to become more confident and self-motivated with their painting. Artists bring their own subject and the tutor helps them to unpack, research and create their own personal practice, in order to help their work evolve and for them to see the creative possibilities more clearly. As part of the course the tutors also do talks showing the work of other artists. We explore using new materials and tools to play with to refresh and add to what you are doing. In conjunction with this we create practical, creative exercises to unpack the process of painting. Each student is given individual critiques and tuition as well as benefiting from working with a group of like minded artists. Three consecutive days gives the space and time to really see progress and to get absorbed in your work.

Start Date 10-Jun-2020 9:30 am
End Date 12-Jun-2020 4:30 pm
Price £240.00
Reference CPS/2020/0610/TC
Tutor Emily Ball

Course dates: 16-18 June 2020 (Tuesday - Thursday)

Price includes large sheets of paper and some materials.

This course is aimed at delving into the experience of mark making - the fun of it and the work of it. It offers you the chance to fine tune and enrich your mark-making language for deeper personal expression.  With opportunities to extend your senses as an artist through music and body movement as well as experience the freedom of MAMMOTH mark-making, you will develop a new awareness of how marks can be both a response to a feeling and an evoker of feeling.

Working mainly on paper, you will make at least two large pieces of mark making – working with music as the inspiration.  You will also create a set of small drawings generated from phone videos made by students.  Together with music, these drawings will inspire at least one other large piece.  Students will leave the course with a restocked creative tool kit that they can use to inform and inspire further work.  Course discussions will consider the mark making of artists such as Joan Mitchell, Mark Rothko, Simon Carter and Cy Twombly.


Start Date 16-Jun-2020 9:30 am
End Date 18-Jun-2020 4:30 pm
Price £300.00
Reference GWP/2019/1118/SC
Tutor Debbie Field
Course Details Choreography of mark making.pdf
Painting Surgery Summer Term

Course dates are April 17th, May 22nd, June 19th 2020

By registering  you are registering for all three sessions. These sessions are practical, to help students develop ongoing work. Nick will provide practical exercises, slide shows of artists work and one to one tutorials. There will be space to put up your work, to stand back and see where you are going with your painting. At the end of each session each student will have practical processes at their finger tips to apply to their work, and a focus to work towards for the next session.

Start Date 19-Jun-2020 9:30 am
End Date 19-Jun-2020 4:30 pm
Reference PS/2020/0619TC
Tutor Nick Bodimeade
Summer School 2020

Course Dates: 22-26 June 2020 (Monday - Friday)

Week 1 - We will be making paintings inspired by the Cuckmere Haven Valley, over looking the sea and the Seven Sisters. For the first two days we will be based at the Coastguards Cottage. From there we will work in the surrounding landscape making lots of studies. For the final three days of the course we will be based in the Studio at Partridge Green, where you will make paintings from the studies and your memory of the experience. During the five days there will be space for experimentation, risk taking and development of work that goes beyond trying to copy what you see and instead becomes a much more expressive and personal response.

Start Date 22-Jun-2020 9:30 am
End Date 26-Jun-2020 4:30 pm
Price £460.00
Reference SS/2020/0622SS
Tutor Emily Ball, Katie Sollohub