Seawhite Studio Residencies June 2024

Seawhite Studio Residencies June 2024

Course Dates June 17th - 21st (Mon - Friday) 2024

When you sign up for a residency we want to make sure that you get as much as possible out of the experience. To guarantee this, places on future residencies will be by application, ensuring that each residency is comprised of artists who are working at the same level with similar ambitions. There are a maximum of 6 artists working alongside a Seawhite tutor. If you are keen to come on one then please specify which Residency you would prefer (the date and resident Seawhite tutor).

I have a growing collection of large canvases that I am painting inspired by my experiences, drawings and memories of being in the woods near my childhood home. During the 5 residency days I will be continuing to work on this theme using my mops and rags soaked in dilute oil paint to veil, scrub, bury and edit large areas of the surface. I will also work a lot with large oil pigment sticks so that I can draw into the wet surface and dance marks across the image. I change my paintings significantly as they evolve, allowing the early marks to become buried in the history of the surface and embracing many of the gifts that improvisation can give to keep me engaged with the ambition of creating visual poetry about a mood and feeling, rather than an illustration of a generalised landscape. I always have several paintings on the go and make studies before, during and after the paintings are made. This helps me to stand back, review and keep my courage up as I work. Embracing the problem solving and 'highs and lows' of the process will be what we will all share with each other over the 5 days.

“We work hard. With the option of getting into the studio at 8am each day it creates a working atmosphere where you turn up, ready to push forward and do serious play! It is inspiring seeing the individuality of each artist in their work and processes. When we talk to each other there are always astute and helpful observations made about the work.” (Emily Ball)

Apply for a place on a Residency

To ensure that your time is really well spent during your residency week we would like you to make an application. Preparing well before you come and having an online tutorial will be a huge benefit. Please submit 9 images of your work and two pieces of writing, each no more than 300 words. The first should be about your process and inspiration for your work. The second is about what you would like to get out of the residency and what you think you might need in terms of materials and equipment.

We will consider your application and get back to you quickly. If your application is successful we will fix a date and time for a one hour online tutorial with the tutor running the residency of your choice. This tutorial is an opportunity for a discussion about the most productive way to prepare for the residency week in terms of studies and preparatory work to bring with you and also what the studio can have in place for you when you arrive. It is also a time to discuss your work and get feedback from a fellow artist.

Please email your application to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


"Other than the pure luxury of time set aside for uninterrruped days in the studio, the highlight of the residency was the rounds that Emily would make each day, spending time with each of us, making observations and sprinkling wisdom….I loved that she was so generous in sharing her own practise with us as well."

Rebecca Howell


Event Details

Start Date 17-Jun-2024 9:30 am
End Date 21-Jun-2024 4:30 pm
Price £480.00
Location Seawhite
Course Details seahwite_studio_residencies_2024.pdf


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