Emily Ball - Director



After 15 years I have returned to working outside from nature. It is wonderful to have that feeling of being surrounded by your subject, completely immersed. Movement, light, and the tactile qualities of the landscape are my theme at present. I see, touch, smell and hear my subject and convert these experiences into marks, colours and images that give form to my experiences. Painting for me is physical and direct and more recently has arrived through improvisation and re-invention of my subject. Paint is fantastic, it is such an expressive medium. I just have to have courage when I work.


Emily Ball was born in 1967 in Colchester Essex. She went to Exeter College of Art where she gained a BA in Fine Art Painting in 1989. She continued developing her painting, doing residencies, undertaking public commissions and exhibiting in the South East for the next 10 years. Alongside her painting she established privately run courses in Contemporary Painting and Drawing in West Sussex.

The Swimming Pool Paintings

These paintings are my largest body of work to date. Inspired by watching my young children learn to swim, I quickly became captivated by the interaction between the figures and the water surrounding them