‘Paint Fit’ was a course that I invented in February 2021. The idea grew out of a realisation that many artists have the time, a studio space but sometimes lack the self belief, a routine and momentum to really push on with their work through the difficult stages. The support of like minded people helps, but having a Paint Fit ‘coach’ to get them going and not allow them to lose their focus and ambition seemed to be the missing ingrediant.

For an hour each morning, online, over 2 weeks I talked, motivated, demonstrated and gave them tools and processes to help them use the resources that they already had. I unpacked the process and stages of making a body of work. After the hour together we were warmed up and ready to spend the rest of the day in our studios working in a focused, positive way. We had made the commitment to be uncompromising and playful; open to the new possibilities of what might come up as we worked.

In February 2022 I taught Paint Fit again and worked with some wonderful artists who were very open and excited to be part of a group that shared and supported one another. This online exhibition shows how the course inspired them and has continued to feed their practise and help them make the paintings that they wanted to do. We still meet and encourage each other to be brave, bold and ambitious with our painting.

I will be teaching another 2 week Paint Fit course from October 31st – November 4th and November 7th – 11th 2022. Further details can be found here.

Emily Ball August 2022

Dee Berridge

There is only one space

“Look in all experience for that which does not appear, move, change, evolve or disappear, and know yourself as that.” Rupert Spira

35 years ago, on a meditation retreat I asked one of the monks, also an artist, how I might manage the anger I was battling with. He told me to imagine scribbling a vivid red mark on an infinite sheet of white paper.

Then he said, “The red mark is your anger” and after a pause “The paper is you.” My anger vanished, and I knew I’d come home to my true self. I still treasure that metaphor, especially the sense of being somehow infinite like the paper.

I’ve often considered how to reflect this experience in my painting process, and a new possibility came during ‘Paint Fit’ with a sudden urge to cover almost everything I painted with white.

I meditate daily and am exploring painting as a form of meditation in action. Working experimentally in layers using a variety of media in sketchbooks and on wooden panels I focus on present moment experience - thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, external sense perceptions - making drawn or painted marks as an intuitive, playful, abstracted response to, and record of, these passing phenomena and more recently paying as much or more attention to the white space of the substrate, adding or subtracting visual space, usually with white or sometimes a darker glaze - covering, veiling, revealing and so on.

Throughout this meditative process my aim is to notice and record this sensing of the aware ‘space’ (the infinite sheet of paper) between, for instance, a thought and a sensation or a sound and a feeling (the red mark of anger) as well as noting these fleeting appearances themselves within this limitless ‘space’ of infinite consciousness.



Friday, 12 August 2022
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