Events calendar

Sunday. 28 November, 2021 - Saturday. 04 December, 2021
Friday. 03 December, 2021
12:00 am

The Geography of Paint - Pre-recorded

The Geography of Paint is a three day practical painting course led by Simon Carter. There are 3 instructive films, each 1 hour and 30 minutes long.

It can be difficult to see how to use the drawings we make. Whether loose notes in a sketchbook or more complete and considered, our initial drawings often have a life and spark that is easily extinguished in the studio. This course will start with your own draw-ings made from the landscape, maybe from your garden, a local park or street, the beach or from a favourite walk and will look at different ways they can inspire a free and experi-mental approach to the painting process.

12:00 am

From Sketchbook into Painting - Pre-recorded

Have you ever wondered how to maintain the freshness and freedom of the work in your sketchbook when it comes to painting? If this sounds familiar, and you have sketchbooks full of exciting and experimental studies, just waiting to become inspire paintings, then this is the course for you! There are 10 short films of varying lengths that guide you through this course.

This exciting painting course is designed to follow on from Katie’s two inspirational sketchbook courses, Coming to Your Senses (landscape based) and Museum of the Self (on the subject of home). However, it could be used by anyone who has found themselves often pondering the same questions.