Holding the Present - Online

Holding the Present - Online

This course gives you exclusive access to a pre-recorded 20 minute film where Emily shares with you a process that is fundamental to her practise as a painter. Also part of the fee is a one hour, one to one, online tutorial to help you create and sustain a personal project that you can develop into a substantial body of work. In the film Emily does practical demonstrations and shares her thoughts and decision making as she works. She talks about the potential application of this way of working and how it can help you open out the possibilities of the subject.

As the title of the course and film suggest it is about holding your subject in your hands either literally or imagining the sensation and empathising with it. Looking through your finger tips slows you down. It keeps the noisy chatter in your head quiet. It stops you being stuck. The sensations that you are picking up are a gift to add to your visual knowledge of the subject. It helps you invent but still be truthful to your subject. It enables you to feel engaged and focused. It is like a meditation but more pro-active. The subject opens out but also brings you to the heart of what matters. It generates new motifs in your work. With practical suggestions Emily provides options to give you a starting point for a small project that can grow into something much bigger. Once you have made some work  practising some of the methods she offers and allowing new things to evolve from it, she will help you look at what you have done. The tutorial is designed to help you structure a way forward and recognise the strengths in the work that you have already done.

Event Details

Start Date 04-Aug-2020 10:00 am
End Date 01-Mar-2021 12:00 pm
Price £70.00
Course Details Holding_the_Present_course_description.pdf

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