A Residency with Simon Carter - Painting without a Map

A Residency with Simon Carter - Painting without a Map

Course Dates September 18th - 22th (Monday - Friday) 2023

A Residency week in the Seawhite Studio with Simon Carter

This is an opportunity to work in the studio and to explore your own preoccupations and subjects alongside other artists. The Residency will be led by Simon but will not be directly taught; Simon will be working alongside everyone else enabling us to learn from each other. ' The activity in the studio will be our guide and inspiration. We will be able to share, to see each other’s processes, and be motivated by the energy o f a busy studio’.

Artists will be working alongside you each, exploring their own themes. There will be daily discussions and encouragement to make ambitious, potentially large scale work. Each art- ist should bring a folder of drawings or work on paper as inspiration and together we will unpack, explore and re phrase these into the language of paint.

Here are some reasons for coming on a residency week

During this residency week you will be working alongside a professional, acclaimed art- ist witnessing the changes that Simon's work goes through, be engaged in conversation , artist to artist, about each others work, working through the stages and problems in your paintings together, rather than struggling in isolation

During this residency week you will be m aking a commitment to painting daily, finding a daily rhythm to your work, learning to keep going through the difficult stages of paintings.

During this residency week you will be able to spread out and work large, as there will be limited numbers working in the very large Seawhite studio.

During this residency week you will be working with like minded people who share your passion and ambition. Celebrating each others work, creating an atmosphere that is motivating and productive .

During this residency week you will be working in the fully equipped Seawhite studio (easels, boards, tools, paper) and have access to the extensive art library. Seawhite art shop is within a 3 minute walk of the studio so it is easy restock with good value art materials.

During this residency week you will be making friendships and building networks that will continue long after the Residency is over.

Event Details

Start Date 18-Sep-2023 9:30 am
End Date 22-Sep-2023 4:30 pm
Price £375.00
Location Seawhite
Course Details painting-without-a-map.pdf


We are no longer accepting registration for this event

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