Making Room for Drawing

Making Room for Drawing

Course Dates Feb 23rd - 24th (Thursday - Friday) 2023

All materials included and full time technician on hand each day.

Drawing is, or can be, all about invention and improvisation. Drawing doesn’t need to be confined to a sketchbook or an A1 piece of paper. Drawing can be on the wall, off the wall, can be a line travel-ling through space, a mark following edges, a pattern going around corners, a shadow, a space, a shaft of light…. Drawing defines space, with marks on a surface, whether flat or 3 dimensional.

Imagine the freedom of having a room just for drawing on and in. This is exactly what this course offers, your own room for drawing. You will each have a rudimentary framework space in the studio, in which to create your very own artists den - constructing (and eventually deconstructing) a 3 dimensional space around you upon which to draw - on the walls, on the floors, over under through. You will create a magical space where anything can happen, where you can draw around shadows, make windows to look through, and project images from your inner and outer worlds.

Placing simple still life objects within this space, your room can become a 3 dimensional composi-tion, becoming aware of the lighting, the shadows, the spaces in between. As you move the objects, so too your drawing will change, continually looking, responding, exploring light and layers, structure and space. Feel the space, like a theatre. Think scroll paintings, the spaces in between, the narra-tive, the mystery, the distorted perspective, the stage set.


Event Details

Start Date 23-Feb-2023 9:30 am
End Date 24-Feb-2023 4:30 pm
Price £260.00
Reference CPS/2021/0609/TC
Location Seawhite
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We are no longer accepting registration for this event

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