• Abstract Painting

    Just wanted to say what a brilliant course it was with Helen Turner. She is so enthusiastic and energetic and relevant for me ! So thank you. And so inspiring working with other such great accomplished artists ! A great course !

    Jim Morgan

  • Exploring Abstraction

    As usual, Nick's course was excellent and very enjoyable, and a treat to have three days of concentrating on artwork!

    Shirley Crowther

  • John Skinner Master Class

    John’s class was extremely useful and inspirational; I felt exciting progress was definitely made. Thank you to both John and Emily for the message of encouragement; please tell them I’ve put John’s timely injunctions writ large on my studio wall (‘Rule of One!') and look forward to practise practise practise!

    Patti Lean

  • Simply Still Life

    Loved it- such fun!!!

    Catherine Davey

    I have done a painting since the course finished. (In between having caught yet another virus)!! Based on everything that Katie taught us I felt confident enough to set up my own still life at home and got to work with my line drawings before painting. I shall continue with this approach in the future no matter the subject. I'm only sorry I can't do another course with Katie this year but I look forward to next - and I'm loving her book. It's truly inspirational

    Kate Rosie

    I have been meaning to write and say how enjoyable and engaging the course was. Katie’s teaching style was always encouraging but she didn’t shy away from challenging and stretching when appropriate. The exercises and guidance were a refreshing reminder of ways of looking and the access to examples of other artists’ work – both in books and other course members, really helped me to reflect on my own practice. Thank you for a totally absorbing three days and it has certainly made me look at the “stuff” I surround myself with in a different way – and to resist any moves to declutter!

    Judith Underhill

  • SUMMER SCHOOL – 2016

    I really enjoyed the course and it made me realise how much I had missed Emily and Katie's teaching as I haven't done a course with them for a while. I would (and have) recommended their courses to friends and will definitely be doing another one! I thought the group were particularly lovely on this course and was amazed at how far some people had travelled! How lucky am I to live so close?!

    Caroline Darke

    I've already answered these questions before after other courses but just for the record, it was definitely a 10 for for first question and all the others are yes. I also really enjoyed having Katie as part of the teaching team.

    Robyn Sampford, South Africa

    Very many thanks to you and Katie for all the tutoring and inspiration you gave us last week. The vineyard was a beautiful place to work in.


    How would you rate this course out of 10? 10 Will you use what you have learnt in your working practice? Probably ,but slowly.I am already more aware of my mark making! Any other comments? Enjoyable,exciting,informative and very professional.


    I need to tell you how successful your teaching course last week was for me. It was an important experience. And I believe has progressed me forward in a long search for a painting language. Not there yet but significantly advanced. And I also need to tell you what a great course it is that you have designed. I know about courses and teaching and designing them. What you did last week was top class and wonderfully thought out and delivered by you and Katie. Flawless. You both made us all feel very relaxed but also ready to run the extra mile too. And thank you for running the extra mile for us especially with your wonderful hospitality. Especially the walnut cake.

    John Mackinlay

    The course gives me time to just focus on my painting without interruptions from work, teenagers and general life. It's great to be taught by people who have similar ideas that I have about what painting is really about - rather than people who are trained to get you to paint exactly how it looks! It's useful to go over exercises to free up my painting - this reminds me what to do when I am on a downward path! Also I will ALWAYS from now on start painting with a half an hour of warm up mark making. Some of the mark making techniques we were shown I will share with the Art and Design students I work with at college. Really enjoyed it and also working with other people also inspires my own work.

    Annie Coxey

    I want to revisit all the exercises including the meditation [I went over my notes on the train home] and apply 'the approach' to my work. A greater awareness of marks as specifics will help me to avoid getting too generalised. I also find myself wanting to try out a new calmer painting style with a greater awareness of space too and to think more about mixing colour rather than just slightly altering the tubes. I found it great to be able to achieve intensity through using more acrylic paint mixed with the gel. The idea of words/ metaphor acting as a bridge between bodily experience and painterly interpretation as poetry is one to ponder over indeed. Drawing with my mask on again will be fun and help sustain the heightened awareness that I'm experiencing right now.

    Angie Taylor

    Will attending the course inform your work? Importantly to be freer with materials.To be more confident working from memory together with a sense of value about my work. Many thanks to Emily and Katie for their unique approaches, both complimentary and inspiring. Thanks to Emily for her generously sharing so many good ideas,and to Katie for her contemplation.

    Elizabeth Morgan


    We both learnt so much. Julian was so generous and encouraging and really good at guiding us in our different directions, it was a very positive and inspiring experience. Thanks so very very much. We will sing his and Seawhites praises from the rafters

    Crimson Boner