In response to the Coivd-19 pandemic we have put in place a number of changes to ensure a safe, healthy and welcoming studio environment, whether you are a student, staff or visitor.

The studio aims to follow best practise in terms of restricting transmission of Covid – 19. Our measures comply with local and national Government instructions in order to limit risk of infection.
For health advice, please visit

For the government's latest updates please visit

What to expect

Preparation for coming to the studio

There will be no shared materials so it is important that you bring all of your own tools and materials. This includes paper, canvases, brushes, drawing equipment and paint.

You can pre-order materials through the Seawhite website If you do this through our website you will receive a 10% discount using the code EB10. These can be available for you to collect from the shop on your arrival.

You will need to bring all of your own refreshments as there will be no access to the kitchen area. Please bring your own plastic bag or bin liner too, so that you can take away your rubbish at the end of the course.

Bring your face mask and hand sanitiser. As usual wear clothes that you do not mind getting mucky…...paint still gets everywhere! Wearing overalls is not only a good idea for stopping paint getting on your favourite clothes and your car but could also provide extra protection against the virus.

If you feel unwell

Staff and students who are unwell with suspected Covid-19, or who have come into contact with an infected individual or who share a household with someone who with suspected Covid-19, must not come onto the site until they are fully recovered and have completed a period of self-isolation determined by the Government.

On arrival

Procedures have been revised to minimise risk and allow safe social distancing. Everyone entering the studio (staff, visitors and students) will have a daily temperature check. This will be carried out using the latest equipment and involves no physical contact. We will also ask you to sign a health declaration on arrival. We hope you will understand that this helps ensure a safer environment for all. Arriving early can make setting up your space easier and less stressful and tiring. If you need help carrying your equipment up stairs please let me know in advance. Leave your boxes at the bottom of the stairs and I will carry them up for you. Only one person at a time should be using the stairs to allow for social distancing.

Social distancing

The studio is working to the principle of two metres as the best means of reducing transmission. This will be reflected in how we have set up the studio. We have measured out very generous work areas (much more than 2 meters) to give students their own large work space. Student numbers have been reduced to 6 per workshop to facilitate this. To avoid close contact in the teaching environment (e.g. for tutor demonstrations and when taking to students) the tutor will wear a face covering and stand at least 2 metres away.

The kitchen area will NOT be in use. Students must bring their own lunch, snacks and drinks. Weather permitting we will take our refreshments outside. Only one student at a time will be allowed in the sink area to wash brushes and hands.

Cleaning and hygiene

Studio equipment; tables, chairs, easels, boards will be cleaned and sanitised between courses. Frequently used surfaces; door handles, banisters, taps will be cleaned regularly during and at the end of each day. The downstairs wash room and toilets will be checked and cleaned more frequently. We will provide hand sanitiser, soap and paper towels. We ask that all students wash their hands regularly, and use the hand sanitising stations when entering and leaving each area.

Face coverings and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Students and staff are instructed to wear face coverings in areas where social distancing may be compromised, such as corridors, wash rooms and in the Seawhite shop. They may be removed when you are in the workshops where social distancing measures are in place.



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