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The Figure in Movement

The Figure in Movement




Discover new ways of Drawing and Painting the Figure

Images: Drawing and Painting the Figure courses, May 2022 and 2023


“Thanks so much again for the course - it was a really special experience. The teaching, the space, the model, the group - the whole thing!" ~ Bridget Jackson


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This edition of our studio newsletter is dedicated to two stunning figure based courses  that are running at the Seawhite Studio in late May/early June this year:

 Week One   

29 - 31 May 2024

(Wednesday – Friday)


 Week Two

4-7 June 2024

(Tuesday – Friday)


Both of these courses will be taught by Emily Ball and Katie Sollohub who, through their teaching, will share their love of drawing and painting as a process of exploration and discovery; offering inventive approaches to encourage fresh ways of looking and creating images.


During these two weeks, Emily and Katie will maximise the potential of the huge studio, transforming it into an animated space for creativity! The tutors will be joined by the wonderful Katrina (@katrinaswords) - an inspirational life model, poet, mover and groover - who will move through and interact with an installation-based studio set up.  The  format of these weeks really pushes the possibilities of what a figure-based course can offer: exploring the physicality of different poses, different scales and the abundant possibilities of working from a moving figure using a variety of materials.  Artists will be invited to use the whole space – with the studio walls generously covered with rolls of paper (or canvas in the case of the painting course).   It’s a sight to behold and a truly magical experience to be part of.


So whether you like drawing or painting we invite you to Join Emily and Katie at the studio for one of these inspiring courses.  Or better still – why not sign up to both courses and enjoy seven days of immersion and inspiration at the Studio?  Book onto both figure courses and enjoy at 10% discount.

The Figure in Movement: Expressive Drawing


29 -31 May 2024 (Wednesday - Friday)

£450 (this includes all materials and model’s fee)

“A big thank you to Emily and Katie - two amazing teachers -  for having organized such an inspiring, experimental figure drawing course.  What I enjoyed most was the

possibility to work on a very big scale and experiment with different techniques. The course was above and beyond my expectations.” ~ Angela Maddaloni‍

Image:Working from the moving figure, Drawing the Figure, May 2022


This three- day course is a wonderful and unique opportunity for artists to

explore the breadth and depth of drawing: working with charcoal, ink, simple animation, collage, installation, working on both very large and small scale,

different surfaces and in collaboration with the model and other artists.


All the materials will be provided during the course. Over the three days you will create many drawings and importantly have the freedom to really push into the creative process; taking risks and playing to find out what you love about working from the figure and what the versatility of the materials can offer.  As well as group discussions, you will benefit from individual tutorials from both Emily and Katie as the course progresses.

Images: Drawing the Figure, May 2023

“It is our hope that each student will leave the studio on Friday feeling energised, inspired, more courageous and with armfuls of work!” ~ Emily Ball


To find out more about the course and to book your place, please click on the button below:

This drawing course would be fantastic preparation for the painting course taking place the following week: why not come to both and enjoy a 10% discount?

The Figure in Movement :

Painting (Colour and Gesture)

4-7 June 2024 (Tuesday - Friday)

£560 (this includes large pieces of primed canvas, paper and model’s fee)

 “This course could offer you a way to unlock the next step in your practice – injecting energy and bravery into your paintings. The work created could inspire a new way of working in the future.” ~ Emily Ball

 Image: Studio set up, Painting the Figure, May 2023


For this four-day painting course, you will be working from a moving model,

interacting with a colourful studio set up.  You will experiment with paint flow, using brushes, rags and more unusual tools, working on canvas and paper, collaging, exploring installation, working on both very large and small scale,

different surfaces and in collaboration with the model and the other artists. There will be guidance on how to make expressive marks that evoke the

feeling of form, skin, sensation and movement. Emily and Katie will also

provide exercises that offer structure and give you the courage to layer

materials, increase the clarity of your observations, and your ability to select with discernment.

Image: Painting the Figure course, May 2023


“I loved the variety of activities which built up our

vocabulary of marks. Working speedily, meditatively, at a tiny scale and very large scale was constantly engaging. I discovered that paint could have a very rich movement

vocabulary.” ~ Karen Harrison

Image: Students work, Painting the Figure course, May 2023


The aim of the course is to help you create paintings that are sensitive and a painterly embodiment of the subject, whilst also developing an individual

expressive language, personal to you.  Participating artists are asked to bring their own paints and brushes, but paper and canvas is all provided. As before, you will benefit from individual tutorials from both Emily and Katie as the course progresses, along with group discussions and reviews of work.


To find out more about this course or to book, please click on the button below:

“Working from a gifted model, who seemed to really enjoy the whole process was a highlight. I was concerned that I’d run out of steam but the course was well paced. Emily and Katie were very attentive to everyone’s level of

motivation and introduced new activities, or slowed the pace if we were flagging.” ~Karen Harrison

The benefits of two figure-based courses



Sign up for both courses!

“I found it invaluable to have done the first week of drawing the figure before going onto the painting week, as it meant I was already familiar with the model. It meant I had more confidence to go straight into painting using what I had learnt about my interest in the multiple

layering of the body.” ~ Jude Hanly

Image: Drawing and Painting the Figure (Edith Barton)


Moving from drawing the figure to painting it is a natural progression.    All the processes covered during the drawing course will really free you up and get you looking and feeling confident with working expressively. You will

become open to new possibilities and surprise yourself with the quantity and quality of the work you make. You will be tuned in and have so many exciting drawings that can be used as reference for paintings. You will also be mentally and physically limbered up - making the transition to colour and paint that much easier.


If you book for both courses you can really relax into the rhythm of

working consistently, each day building on the next. There are some days off

between the first and second course giving space to review what you love about the figure, what you love about your drawings and where your strengths are from week one, in order to build on them in week two. 


Sign up for both courses and enjoy a 10% discount!  For more information about both courses and to book, please click on the buttons below:

“I enjoyed being in the studio and working with Katie and Emily as well as the model and the rest of the students. The model was very professional and interested in our work as artists and was willing to hold poses for a little longer and to offer suggestions for poses that might be helpful to the work we were producing.  It was a very

relaxed and inspiring atmosphere.” ~ Edith Barton

Image: Edith Barton drawing and painting the figure, May 2023‍


Need more inspiration?

To see examples of the work created on the Figure Drawing course in 2022 please click on the button below to visit the course gallery:

To get a feel for these courses and the atmosphere in the Seawhite studio when they are running, Katie has suggested some links for events and

activities that could inspire you at this year’s Brighton Festival (click on the image to find out more):

 Image credit: Zoe Manders


The Sticky Dance

Fri 17 May 2024

 Image Credit: Leap Then Look


100 Miles of String


Sat 4 - Sun 26 May 2024