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Flowers and Things

Flowers and Things




Floribunda and Simply Still Life at the Seawhite Studio

Images: 1 and 3 - the studio set up for Floribunda (Emily Ball); 2 - Abundance by Katie Sollohub


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After the quiet of January, the natural world starts to awaken: golden daffodils herald the coming of spring. With the promise of unfurling  petals and leaves, it seems a good time to tell you about Emily’s ever popular FLORIBUNDA course that will celebrate all the joy that flowers and plants offer our paintings. This April, Emily and her team will fill the studio with countless pots of flowers,  succulents, and cuttings that have been grown in gardens around Sussex specifically for this course.  It truly is a sight to behold!  FLORIBUNDA is one of those studio-based courses that really makes the most of space in the studio; transforming it into an engaging, inspiring space in which to work.  Another course that does this is also taking place at the studio in April.  SIMPLY STILL LIFE is a three-day course led by Katie Sollohub which invites participants to immerse themselves in a large still life set-up that incorporates objects, fabrics, furniture and props.  Still life can often be overlooked as a subject, but this course will demonstrate it’s huge potential to inspire new ways of looking and approaching painting.


Read on to find out more about both of these courses, or if you can’t wait – click on the buttons below to head over to our website and book your place!




With Emily Ball at the Seawhite Studio

16-19 April 2024, £450‍

"How do you navigate and describe the chaos and jungle of complexity? How do you attempt to capture the elegance, fragility and dance of individual stems and flowers? This is what we explore in our Floribunda courses.”

~ Emily Ball‍

Image: The Seawhite Studio during Floribunda, Emily Ball


“I was looking for something to help me develop a much more expressive style and Floribunda certainly did that.” ~ Edward, participant on previous Floribunda course


FLORIBUNDA is one of our most popular courses and we can understand why.  The colours and sculptural forms of flora and fauna have long captivated artists, and when this is combined with Emily’s inspiring and engaging teaching approach, it makes for a winning combination and a fantastic course, which sees the studio transformed into a  hothouse of spring flowers all jostling for your attention with their heady scents, sculptural forms and exquisite colours. It will be a packed four days of demonstrations and exercises to help you explore ways tackling the abundance of flowers and plants: touching smelling and looking will inform the language of marks you will create.  By the end of the course, you will have finished paintings that go beyond safe, traditional flower paintings and show a courageous handling of  luscious paint. As with all studio-based courses, there are opportunities to review your work independently, with Emily and as a group.‍

Images: Students work from previous Floribunda courses‍


“Thanks to Emily for a

brilliant four days of Floribunda. It was beyond my expectations - especially my two end products!! She is a brilliant tutor and very

generous and patient." ~ Jennifer Tubby, participant on  a previous Floribunda course


Image: Floribunda (Emily Ball)

The success and popularity of our studio-based FLORIBUNDA courses has meant that we are running two back-to back courses at the Seawhite Studio.  One course is already fully booked, but there are still places up for grabs on the course starting on the 16th April.  For more information and to book your place, click on the button below:‍

To further entice you to join Emily for this special course, here are some of the ways you can immerse yourself in the subject and discover why our Floribunda course isso popular and not to be missed:‍

Soak up the vibe of the Floribunda course by watching  Noah Carter's film of the 2019 Floribunda course. 

 Take a look at Emily’s Floribunda paintings  on her website

Check out the Floribunda Course Gallery page on the Studio’s website‍



Images: Emily delivering Floribunda,  Camelias  (Emily ball), Floribunda Drawing by previous course articipant



With Katie Sollohub at the Seawhite Studio

23-26 April 2024, £400‍

The way objects inhabit a space can be so evocative, suggesting something that has, or is about to happen, a half drunk cup, an open book. ‍

Image: Still LIfe painting, Colette Clegg

"The exercises and guidance were a refreshing reminder of ways of looking and the access to examples of other artists’ work really helped me to reflect on my own

practice.  Thank you for a totally absorbing three days and it has certainly made me look at the 'stuff' I

surround myself with in a different way."

~ Judith Underhill, previous Simply Still Life participant‍

Images: Everything and the Kitchen Sink and Moomin, Katie Sollohub


Still life has been used by artists as a simple, easily accessible subject with which to play with much more universal themes: the play of light on forms, the effect of colour and pattern in a composition, experiments with creating mood and atmosphere.  Originally inspired by the 2017 RA exhibition Matisse in his Studio, this course will also look at the Still-Life paintings of  other artists including Morandi, Soutine, Braque, Winifred Nicholson, Gwen John, Bonnard, William Scott, Elizabeth Blackadder and Tricia Gillman.


During the course you will be creating simple still life set ups in the studio, bringing a sense of domestic space, though props, objects, fabrics and furniture. You will make a series of colour studies and paintings from group still life set-ups, paying special attention to fabrics and objects with sumptuous colour, pattern, texture. Exploring different approaches, you will start to become familiar with the subject before commencing two or three paintings, which you will work on over the four days.


Simply Still Life is suitable for all levels, including beginners.‍

 “This is the best of the courses I have attended and Katie is an amazing teacher.  She has a great ability to teach at different levels whether someone is hesitant or needs challenging.” ~ Susie Dalton, previous Simply Still Life participant


Image: Still LIfe set up in the Seawhite Studio


 For more information and to book your place, please click on the button below: ‍

“As you let things unfold, taking time to explore, you may be surprised at what connections you find, what

inspiration awaits you, in the every day.”

~ Katie Sollohub‍


The Shape of things: Still life in Britain


Pallant House Gallery

11 May – 20 October‍

By happy serendipity, Katie’s Course is taking place just before the opening of  this exciting exhibition at Pallant House Gallery.  ‘The Shape of things: Still life in Britain’ questions the idea that still life is a lesser genre, showing how important it is to artists and society. Featuring a ‘Who’s Who’ of Modern and Contemporary British artists, the exhibition digs into still life’s rich symbolism and how it’s pushed boundaries and new ideas.


To find out more about this exhibition, click on the link below:‍