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Give your creativity a new year boost

Give your creativity a new year boost




Gifts and offers to ensure your painting gets off to a great start this year!

Image: Still from 'Eating a Fig' exercise.




Happy New Year! We hope that 2024 brings many creative adventures for you  and that we can welcome you in-person and online to our exciting programme of courses at the Seawhite Studio over the year ahead.


In the spirit of (re)igniting your creativity after the festive break, Emily has recorded a painting exercise that she would like to give you as a New year gift. ‘EATING A FIG’ is a short painting exercise taken from last year’s PAINT FIT online course that explores engaging with the senses when painting – in this case, taste.  It’s about painting the experience of eating a fig, NOT creating a painting of a fig. The exercise was originally devised by John Skinner, who many years ago suggested to Emily the rich possibilities of using sensation as an ingredient when developing a language of paint.  John has subsequently introduced many other innovative approaches to paintings to a great many artists through his teaching at the Seawhite Studio and formerly at his studio in Dorset.*

Image: A painting about the expereince of eating a fig, Emily Ball


“Unlike a photograph which captures a frozen moment in time, what we do when we are painting is much more layered than that.  A painting evolves, changes and moves as it is created. Equally, we as artists are noticing and experiencing in layers.  Each layer is valid and important and helps you see more of - and connect more with - your subject.  It is the sum total of these layers that creates rich and nuanced images in paint.” ~ Emily Ball


EATING A FIG is available to view for free on our YouTube channel – just click on the image below to watch it – we hope you find it a stimulating exercise to do.  We’d love to see any paintings you make in response to it – feel free to share them with us on Instagram using the hashtag #figeating.‍

If you’d like more creative inspiration at the start of the year, we have four face-to-face courses running in January:


  • The CREATIVE PAINTING SPACE with Nick Bodimeade  invites artists to immerse themselves in their practice with Nick's gentle and insightful mentoring.
  • MAKING ROOM FOR DRAWING with Katie Sollohub is a wonderfully inventive and experimental drawing course in which you can create your own magical drawing den.
  • DRAWING - A STUDIO RESIDENCY: take time to expand your own drawing practice and work alongside Katie as she shares her practice with you.
  • FRAMING THE VIEW with Nick Bodimeade is a new short courses exploring the views in and out that windows afford artists.  The frame is the subject!


As a special New Year offer, if you book any of these   courses by midnight on Tuesday 9th January 2024, you can have free access to one of Emily’s pre-recorded courses!   Choose from:‍

Click on the images above to find out more about each course.


To claim this fantastic offer, simply book onto the January course of your choice via our online booking form and then email with the title of  the pre-recorded course of your choice.


So there you have it: one free painting exercise to get your creativity going this January, four brilliant Face-to-Face courses for you to enjoy with us at the Seawhite Studio, and the option to download one of  four pre-recorded courses for free.  2024 has got off to a great start! Wishing you an invigorating, productive and inspiring year of creativity,


Emily and the Seawhite Studio team‍


Find out  more about John Skinner

Image: ‍serie 2 deux tableaux John Skinner, photo by  Lise Chevalier


If you would like to know more about John Skinner’s approach to painting, click on the button below to find out more about his collection of short films  - A Philosophy to Paint By – that are available to download as part of our Pre-Recorded Course programme.


We're also excited to announce that Emily has curated a beutiful exhibition of John's work in the Atroum Gallery at Seawhite.  Watch this space for news about the opening date for this very special show.  In the meantime, to see more of John's  work, click on the button below to viist his website, which  features  online galleries of his work past and present.

Creative Painting Space

With Nick Bodimeade

10-12 January 2024, £315‍

“Having a blast at Seawhite on Nick Bodimeade’s Creative Painting Space, there is so much vibrant, exciting work going on all around me it’s energising!” Colleen Conti on Creative Painting Space April 2023.

Image: Colleen Conti work station, Creative Pianting Space


These sessions are designed for artists who need encouragement and support to become more confident and self-motivated with their painting. Three consecutive days gives you the space and time to really see progress and to get absorbed in your work. Bring your current body of work with you and Nick will help you to unpack, research and create your own personal practice, in order to help your work evolve and for you to see the creative possibilities more clearly. As part of the course Nick also delivers talks showing the work of other artists. It’s a chance to explore new materials and tools to play with to refresh and add to what you are doing. Each student is given individual critiques and tuition as well as benefiting from working with a group of like- minded artists: it’s definitely time well spent and your painting will thank you for it! 

Image: student working during a Creative Painting Space session, Emily Ball


To find out more about this course and to book your place, please click on the button below:‍

Making Room for Drawing

With Katie Sollohub

17 -19 January 2024, £375

“I don’t know that I can find the exact words to describe my admiration for your teaching and how you ran this course. You held us, prompted us, enabled and inspired. Your occasional exercises were brilliant. Really moving me forward. “  Anna Cady on Katie's Teaching style (Chichester Cathedral course)‍

 Image: Katie Sollohub painting in her 'Drawing Room' (Making Room for Drawing)

Imagine the freedom of having a room just for drawing on and in. This is exactly what this course offers, your own room for drawing. You will each have a rudimentary framework space in the studio, in which to create your very own artist’s den - constructing (and eventually deconstructing) a 3-dimensional space around you upon which to draw - on the walls, on the floors, over under through. You will create a magical space where anything can happen, where you can draw around shadows, place objects within, make windows to look through, and project images from your inner and outer worlds.


During the 3 day course you will spend 2 days making and inhabiting your space, with time on the second day to really dwell in it, recording the experience through drawing and writing. Day 3 will be a slow mindful process of deconstructing, undoing the space, drawing as you do so, making responsive sensitive drawings about the changing space.

Images: Students working on their drawing room, Making Room for Drawing (Katie Sollohub)


To find out more about this course and to book your place, please click on the button below:‍

DRAWING – a Studio Residency

With Katie Sollohub at the Seawhite Studio

22-26 January, £480‍


Image: Katie Sollohub (photographed by Sarah Ketelaars)


This week long residency is for anyone wishing to use drawing to expand their practice, giving dedicated time and a generous space to commit to making your work:

  • A space to work large and experimentally
  • A space to spread out and look at lots of your work together, making helpful connections so that you can develop it further.
  • A physical and mental space that you can stretch into and perhaps do work that you would not dare to do by yourself, in your own studio.
  • A space where you are supported and inspired by the company of other artists.


Katie will be making large scale drawings and installations, exploring the purpose of drawing as a practice. Her role during the residency is to support and facilitate discussions and to encourage experimentation by example. It is an opportunity to see how she uses her own practice to make work and navigates the highs and lows of the work as it progresses in real time.

Image: photographsand drawings giving an insight into Katie's creative practice.


This week follows from the three day Making Room for Drawing, and would be an ideal partner course to follow on from this - make your space over 3 days, and keep working with it for the next 5 days!


To find out more about this residency and to book your place, please click on the button below:

Framing the View

With Nick Bodimeade

31 January -2 February 2024, £325

 “I just wanted to thank you so much for such a good course.  I learned so much and you were so generous sharing about your own work too. It has made  me think and inspired me and opened my head up to new things and approaches to painting.  I loved all the slides.”  Stony Parsons on Nick’s teaching style (Landscape Drawing & Painting)

Image: Window, Nick Bodimeade


Framing the view is a three-day course exploring the Window in and through drawing and painting. In preparation for this course, you will be required to  take photographs of windows from inside and out: rainy windows, dirty ones and ones with annoying reflected light.  The window can include curtains, wall papers, brick work, and window ledge objects if there are any. These photographs will become the source material for your drawings and paintings.  Over three days you will make drawing and paintings on paper as well as paintings on canvas.  Each day and after lunch, Nick will provide slideshows of relevant historical and contemporary artists.‍


To find out more about this course and to book your place, please click on the button below: 

 Image: studies of windows from Nick's Instagram feed


Check out Nick’s Instagram feed to see a beautiful range of window images; from photographs that focus on a window frame's functional ‘add ons’ to windows  that have been painted shut or left ajar.  His studies – drawn, painted and photographed – reveal his engagement and delight in this subject.


Remember, book any of our January courses by midnight on Tuesday 9th January 2024 and you can have free access to one of Emily’s pre-recorded courses!