The Figure: An Intensive Experimental Drawing Course

The Figure: An Intensive Experimental Drawing Course

Course Dates: 17-19 May 2022 (Tuesday - Thursday)

A three-day intensive and experimental drawing course with 3 tutors, who specialise in charcoal drawing, film and animation.

For this one of a kind course, there will be three tutors to guide and inspire; Emily and Katie share their love of drawing as a process, a way of looking, and expressing, whilst Lydia brings her amazing ideas and technical expertise.  This exciting course is a wonderful and unique opportunity for artists to explore the breadth and depth of drawing: working with charcoal and ink, animation and slide projections.  Creating drawings from shadows created by lighting, drawing from slide projections, over-laying images.    The large space of the studio will be transformed using installations, lighting and projections for a figure to move through. Over the three days students will create drawings and animations of both the figure and the drawings, and have opportunities to work large scale. The course will culminate in resolving and extending the drawings created both directly from the figure, the projections and animation process.   There may well be finished work as well as lots of material from which paintings can be made in the future.      



Event Details

Start Date 17-May-2022 9:30 am
End Date 19-May-2022 4:30 pm
Price £330.00
Reference FIED/2020/0210/SC
Tutor Katie Sollohub, Emily Ball
Location Seawhite
Course Details The Figure Intensive Experimental Drawing Course 2020.pdf

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