Floribunda - Spring 2022

Floribunda - Spring  2022

Course dates: 29th March - 1st April; 2021 (Tuesday - Friday)

Spring is such a joy. Long awaited, hellebores, daffodils, snow drops, catkins, camellias, magnolias, tulips, ferns, blue bells, delicate new leaves on trees all quietly and delicately unfurling to give the landscape and garden punctuations of colour. With the promise of longer days and warmth; nature is waking up and regenerating. It is a magic time of year that moves all too fast. The planning and preparing for this course will take 12 months of nurturing, planting and growing to create an abundant arrangement of Spring flowers to inspire you to create fantastic paintings to capture all of this energy and joy. You will have 4 days of painting in the studio exploring ways of courageously handling luscious paint to create paintings that go beyond safe, traditional flower paintings. The subject is full of colour, texture and sculptural form......a gift for painting. It will be a packed four days with demonstrations, exercises and finished paintings to take away with you.

Event Details

Start Date 29-Mar-2022 9:30 am
End Date 01-Apr-2022 4:30 pm
Price £400.00
Reference F/2021/0427/SC
Tutor Emily Ball
Location Seawhite
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