Painting and Pattern. The Natural and the Synthetic

Painting and Pattern. The Natural and the Synthetic

Course date is Friday May 4th - May 6th 2022

A three day practical course exploring this fundamental relationship in painting and drawing.

The potted plant in the office.The barn in the landscape.Cloth on a body.

There seems to be an endlessly fascinating oppositional relationship between the works of nature and those of the human. We seem to be super attuned to it, I suspect for good evolutionary reasons, and fascinated by negotiating the edge between control and the lack of it. This course will encourage you to explore how this relationship can made the visual focus for work, how the difference between the natural and the synthetic can be articulated through materials handling, composition, and colour. We will also at times be making use of the material potential of the paper we are working on through folding, tearing, layering etc.

Event Details

Start Date 04-May-2022 9:30 am
End Date 06-May-2022 4:30 pm
Price £300.00
Tutor Nick Bodimeade
Location Seawhite
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