Paper and Fabric Works (NEW)

Paper and Fabric Works (NEW)

Course dates: January 9th - 11th (Monday - Wednesday)

The course explores the excitement and wonderful possibilities you can create in Collage. A technique which allows you to virtually explode with layer upon layer of intricate patterns and wild, rich colours. Derived from the the French word 'coller' to glue, collage has been widely used from Matisse to the Modernists but has also seen recent a renaissance in the medium. We will explore collage techniques with an emphasis on how contemporary artist’s are now fascinated by the manipulation of materials that offer endless possibilities of invention. In the first part of the course we will look at how you can use collage to help organise composition, create incredible colour and layer textures through the use of paper cut out. We will then develop these idea into tactile mediums using paint and textiles, exploring exciting new contemporary techniques. For previous students the course will talk about and expand some of the ideas touched on on my surface course.

“Collage has become a representative for that state of cultural production. At the same time, I think it transcends it. It offers an alternative to an ever-shifting, ever-fluid image world and reminds people of tactility, texture, and the reality of the world we live in—a unique approach that visual art can offer that digital media does not contain." Daniel Herrmann curator at the Whitechapel Gallery

Event Details

Start Date 27-Feb-2017 9:30 am
End Date 28-Feb-2017 4:30 pm
Price £160.00
Tutor Helen Turner
Location Seawhite
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