Painting by Candlelight

Painting by Candlelight

December 3rd & 4th (Saturday & Sunday) 2pm - 8pm day one and 2pm - 9pm day two.

This is a magical experience painting in the soft, winter, afternoon light as it fades into dusk and then darkness. The setting is Rackham Village hall with its large windows looking out to the Downs. A sumptuous still life will be set up in the space for you to work from: lit by candles that will glow with light and enliven the shadows as the daylight fades. You will start work in the afternoon working from observation making drawings and paintings on paper and canvas. As you get to know the subject the light starts changing whilst you carry on painting. As you work in the near dark unexpected colours and marks overlap to create new work that is charged with the atmosphere changes in your work to unfold. When you can't see what you are doing, you have to simply trust in the process!" Your finished paintings will be done freshly, fast and spontaneously to capture the magic of the moment.

(Each evening there will be a simple supper provided for you, to finish off the day with good food and good company cooked by Emily)

Event Details

Start Date 03-Dec-2016
End Date 04-Dec-2016
Price £160.00
Location Rackham Village Hall

Sorry, the event is now full and we could not accept more registration