Gary Wragg - Painting

Gary Wragg - Painting

Course Dates: November 21st - 23rd 2016 (Mon–Weds)

This course will explore the possibilities of changing light, colour and mark making. As you work Gary discusses the importance of direction, movement surface and the function of specific bodily energies. The qualities of what makes a painting will be explored. It should have what Gary refers to as ‘an area of flexibility, to be alive and interactive with the spectator, without formula’. You will work on a large scale and develop drawings and paintings over the three days(mediums paper and canvas provided).

Includes large primed canvas and paper.

Event Details

Start Date 21-Nov-2016 9:30 am
End Date 23-Nov-2016 4:30 pm
Price £265.00
Location Seawhite

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