The Working Landscape - Pre-recorded

The Working Landscape - Pre-recorded

The Working Landscape is a practical drawing and painting course led by Simon Carter. It comprises of four separate films, each one giving processes and inspiration for a days work in your own studio. However, the joy of having the films is that you can pause, rewind and revisit aspects of the film at your own pace. You can start when you want and take as long as you would like to complete it. The course gives you the opportunity to follow Simon in his working routines. His critically acclaimed paintings, in response to his local landscape, are masterful examples of the powerful, poetic beauty that paint can create when delivered with the confidence and experience of a professional artist. It is a rare opportunity to look over his shoulder as he walks and draws in the landscape, and as he draws and paints in the studio.

The first film enables you to follow Simon onto the Essex coast and watch as he draws and discusses the process of observational drawing. As he talks he shares with you what he selects, why, and how he uses his materials to capture the essence of the subject. He encourages you to make your own drawings taking inspiration from his approach. You will then need to head out into the landscape to draw, whether it is your garden, the local park, the beach or a favourite walk.

In the second film Simon then heads back to his studio and discusses how these drawings can be ‘unpacked’ in the studio, making larger expressive, mark-led drawings from them. The following two films take you through the stages of making paintings from these drawings. Simon will encourage you to immerse yourself in the experience of drawing and painting, encouraging you to be bold and experimental in your approach.

Event Details

Start Date 20-Oct-2020
End Date 31-Dec-2025
Last Booking Date 01-Dec-2025
Price £160.00
Tutor Simon Carter
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