It was a really interesting, challenging and well taught course.  The materials and facilities were excellent too and the group was a good size and very professional.  Katie created an environment where it was safe and supported enough to take risks and gave exercises that opened the way to new ways of thinking.  Even the coffee and lunch times when there was time to talk and look at lots of books was productive and stimulating.

Katie was an excellent and inspirational tutor.  Reigning me in with mindfulness excercises when I wanted to rush straight away on the second day and then later, encouraging me to carry on and take risks.  There is always that moment when your work is alright but not that interesting.  Katie taught me to take risks at such moments and then evaluate to where they lead to next.  I was quite surprised to see the drawing results that I was capable of.  The space, huge sheets of paper and plenty of materials were a real luxury.  I had two hugely inspiring and fantastic days in the Seawhite Studio.  I feel hugely inspired and have started on a series of large expressive drawings / paintings, using the confidence and skills learned on the course.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016
Veronica Lodge van Eijk