Many of my memories of childhood are of moments of creativity. Making things, telling stories or drawing, gave me those moments of intense pleasure. I followed those feelings through into a degree in art in education, then onto teaching, working from a philosophy of an expressive and creative curriculum.

Through 15 years of teaching, the cement holding everything together consisted of three words; confidence, competence and caring. These simple three C’s served me well as a teacher, but were not so easy as a mature, autonomous painter. The discovery of Emily Balls classes at Rackham marked a turning point for the floundering painter. As my confidence in my own marks grew, I enrolled on an MA course in painting and drawing. With severe knocks to all my three C’s, only Emily helped keep my head above water. Thus helping me to finish the year by coming second in the National Open at Chichester. Perversely, knocks can serve to strengthen resolve, with a return to Emily’s and an introduction to John Skinner’s Master Class, I am now able to redefine my commitment to the three C’s. My Confidence has grown and helps me push through with new thoughts and experiments. Competence is always in need of developing, but with four intense days with John, there is always time for reflection, growth and opportunities to learn. Caring is also nurtured at the studio, working with others and appreciating their work, as well as taking away work that I care about enough to continue with at home, keeps me continuously pushing through to new levels. Another aspect of caring is the need to share at whatever level I am working at.

This in return helps my confidence and competence. Thank you for sharing my work. Jacky Bellamy


Friday, 27 March 2015