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Dancing & Drawing: a 1-day workshop with Katie Sollohub

Dancing & Drawing: a 1-day workshop with Katie Sollohub




Movement, Marks and Improvisation

an exploratory, interactive 1-day workshop with Katie Sollohub

Images 1 &3 : Whole body drawing on  a large scale at the Seawhite Studio .  Image 2: Katie dancing on the beach.  (All images Katie Sollohub)


Dance like no one is watching. Paint like no one cares. Move like an

animal, Laugh like a child


Dear  ‍


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to make work as big as your studio walls? Have you ever seen children lose themselves in a large sheet of paper, painting with their hands and feet?

Images: whole body drawing at the Seawhite Studio (Katie Sollohub)


Join Katie for this joyful one-day workshop and embrace working on a large scale, using your whole body!  Rather than a technique or process to learn, DANCING & DRAWING is an experience: Something you might never dare do at home, and most likely would never have the space for.   The whole studio will be your blank ‘canvas’ with paper lining the walls and covering the floor. Working both independently and in collaboration with fellow participants, this course is an invitation to experience the freedom of boundless creative movement.‍‍

Images: Students working on a large scale at the Seawhite Studio (Emily Ball/Katie Sollohub)


As you would expect from Katie’s unique approach to creative teaching, this course will  include meditation and some informal freeform dance exercises and music to connect with the body, and the senses. But don’t panic: you do not need to be a dancer to do this course! You will be encouraged to move your body and make marks, with ink, paint and charcoal. You will be given charcoal on sticks, ink in buckets, and a mop as your brush. ‍


 Through Katie’s gentle guidance, you will learn to overcome the paralysis of ‘overthinking’ by practicing spontaneous movement, and letting this flow into your marks, without being restricted by expectations and outcomes.    

Image: ‍Artists working collaboratively (Katie Sollohub)

 “Katie created an environment where it was safe and supported enough to take risks and gave exercises that opened the way to new ways of thinking.” ~Artist /student Helen Martino on Katie’s teaching style.

You will end the day with a feeling of liberation, as well as ideas for making major shifts in your current practice. You can record the expereince of teh day through photos and video (katie will do so for you on request, and with consent) to work from later.  You may also take home sections of the whole drawing, celebrating the moments captured in each small section, to do with what you wish once the workshop has ended.‍

 Image: stills from Katie dancing on the beach


“My course DANCING & DRAWING is for everyone: as long as you have an open heart and mind, are physically able and are willing to let go and get messy.” ~ Katie Sollohub



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